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Conveyancing for Downsizing in the Southside of Glasgow

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Buying and selling property can be one of the most stressful experience that a person can go through. It is important to use a solicitor you can trust to help you through every step of your journey to make sure that you receive the best advice on all areas of buying and selling your property.

Conveyancing is an important part of the buying and selling process, so it makes sense to use a team of solicitors who are experts in dealing with residential property conveyancing. Claphams Solicitors will deal with the legal side of things, making sure your experience is as stress free as possible.

Downsizing is a big decision to make, and we understand that experiences are different for everyone. We offer a personal and flexible approach to dealing with each client, and we will work to make sure that your needs and wishes are catered for throughout the process.

We offer our clients a special residential conveyancing service. As part of our partner-led personal conveyancing service, you will have access to an expert conveyancing solicitor, who is contactable whenever you need them during your conveyancing transaction. Our unrivalled experience working with first-time buyers as well as repeat clients helps us make your transaction smooth and stress-free. Our team have the most up-to-date market knowledge of areas such as Clarkston, Newton Mearns, Giffnock, Netherlee, East Kilbride and the greater Glasgow area. Our expert negotiating skills mean that we will always make sure that our clients get the best deal possible. To speak to a member of our team, call us today on 0141 620 0800, or complete our online enquiry form.

 Making the decision to downsize

The decision to downsize might seem like a strange one. For someone who has been used to moving up in property size, the move to a smaller property will no doubt seem alien. There are many reasons that people downsize, including your children moving out and owning their own homes, you are retired or are close to retiring, or you simply want to have some extra money.

What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits to downsizing your home, including:

  • Freeing up equity. Moving to a smaller property means that it is likely that you will be moving into a home which costs much less than your current property. Add to this the average downsizer selling their current home at a profit of £100,000, the decision to downsize is one which is likely to leave you with a lot more money.
  • Reduce utility bills. Living in a smaller home will mean you see a reduction in the cost of your utility bills. It takes less electricity, water and gas to run a smaller home, something which will be reflected in your energy bills.
  • Reduced responsibility. A large property can be difficult to maintain, and the cost of materials to help with upkeep expensive. Downsizing means less work to maintain a property, and is ideal and ideal solution for those looking to relax and enjoy their retirement.
  • Have a new start. Living in what was once a family home can feel empty when everyone has moved out. Moving into a new property allows a fresh start and the beginning of a new part of your life. It is a good excuse to get rid of all the junk that is cluttering your current home, and designing and refurbishing a new home can be an interesting task for many who are looking for a project to complete in their retirement.

What to consider when downsizing?

There are a number of aspects to consider when downsizing your home. It is important to take into consideration what reason are you downsizing for, and allow this to inform your decision on buying a new property.

  • Staircases. The older you get, the less likely you are to want to be moving up and down stairs all the time. Take into consideration how many flights of stairs you will have to climb in your new home when downsizing.
  • Size of the rooms and storage. Although you are downsizing, you don’t want to downsize too far. Make sure you are choosing a property which can hold all your belongings, and has rooms which are big enough to fit your furniture, or you may find that you will be spending some of the money you’ve saved on new furniture.

 Why Choose Claphams Solicitors?

Conveyancing is a process which involves the buyer and seller facilitating the transfer of ownership of a property through their respective lawyers. While this can seem stressful, and sometimes out of your control, we will work to make sure you remain informed through every step of the process.

 Full conveyancing service

Our full conveyancing service provides you with:

  • Help while negotiating price with local estate agents
  • Our team negotiating the terms of your contract with the buyer of your old property, and seller of your new one
  • The instruction of the searches of the property which are necessary
  • The exchange of key documents, including title deeds
  • Transferring the funds from the buyer to the vendor
  • Informing the Land Registry of the change in ownership

While it can feel like we have taken over the transaction on your behalf, we will communicate with you throughout the process, providing you with regular updates, as well as answering any questions you have quickly, and in terms you can understand.

Knowledge of the market and local area

Our team know the local market, and are no strangers to buying and selling property in the here.. This means we will ensure that everything will be done to sell your property as quickly as possible, while making sure you get the price you deserve.

Professional and friendly

As solicitors, we are subject to strict regulation in our dealings, whereas stand-alone Estate Agents are not; so you can feel safe in trusting us with your transaction.

 We understand the significance of buying and selling property, which means we place huge importance on offering our clients a service which is personally tailored to them, as well as providing a welcoming approach which allows them to feel comfortable dealing with us.

Competitive Fees

Here at Claphams Solicitors, we are always upfront about our costs. Whilst many firms may provide a quote that seems like a great deal, they will fail to disclose essential add on services such as searches as part of this quote. We have no hidden costs and our search reports are extremely competitive. We also do not receive any commission on the reports we instruct so you can be sure we will always look for the best deal for you. The price we are charged is the price you pay, always.

Contact our Residential Conveyancing Lawyers Clarkston, Newton Mearns, Giffnock, Netherlee,Eaglesham, Carmunnock, Stewarton Southside Glasgow 

To speak to a member of our team, call us today on 0141 620 0800, or complete our online enquiry form here.


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