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More People Willing to Leave Charitable Legacies

People are increasingly willingly to leave part of their estate to a charitable cause close to their heart, according to new figures released by Remember A Charity. 

Many Homeowners Choose to Name their Property

A fun piece of research carried out recently by Royal Mail has revealed that giving a name rather than a number to your home appears to be very much in vogue. 

New Inheritance Tax Threshold

Inheritance tax planning has not seen many dramatic changes in recent years with the standard nil rate band neither increasing nor decreasing majorly. The nil rate band currently sits at £325,000, which means that this part of the deceased’s estate will be tax-free up to £325,000. However, 2017 saw the introduction of another type of inheritance tax relief which should reduce the tax burden on a deceased’s estate in some cases.

Land and Building Transaction Tax – Three Yearly Returns

It has been almost three years since Land and Buildings Transactions Tax or LBTT replaced Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) in Scotland in April 2015. The tax is payable on the chargeable interest in the property so is payable on both purchases of properties and leases of commercial properties.

Research Reveals Substantial Inheritance Expectations

New research by Canada Life has found that as many as one in 25 people in the UK have inheritance expectations amounting to at least £1 million. For one in 50 people, these expectations exceed £5 million.