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Home Buyers Try to Avoid Number 13

House hunters can be a superstitious lot, according to new research, with many saying they would avoid buying a property at number 13 if at all possible.

Price increase for East Renfrewshire property

The past few months in East Renfrewshire have been hectic  in terms of house purchasing/selling and this is borne out by statistics which have just been released by the UK House Price Index.

Still Game's Pete the Jakey shows the need for a Will

Still Game

Still Game is back and in episode two we saw the sad demise of character ‘Pete the Jakey’. The episode really was a homage to actor Jack D’Arcy who played Pete.

No hole in one for Renfrew Golf Club

Renfrew Golf Club had sought recovery of £500,000 plus costs from the manufacturer of a electronic golf trolley which they argued had started a fire by causing a spark leading to substantive damage of the clubhouse.

Can I cut out unwanted heirs out of my Will?


The general answer is yes if you have a Will professionally drafted by Claphams Solicitors. Nonetheless there are some legal protections for children which you shall need to bear in mind.